It's simple and easy.                                 

Click publish an ad and follow the instructions.

Go to your ad page and click delete.

Go to your ad page and click on the ad then my ad and then edit.

Click reset password, and your email will be asked.                                 

Save your email, an email will be transferred after verification of your email. You can save your password.

Your ads will be on pubtechs for 60 days. Unless you delete them yourself before this deadline.

You can track your ad in: your ad page.

If your ad has not been published yet, here are some reasons:                                 

-If she is still in the approval phase by our administrators                                 

-If she does not respect our different post rules or she needs to be changed on your ad page.                                 

-If you used the free period to post your ad and it came to an end.                                 

-If this persists until 24 hours, you can contact us directly by email or by phone.

In this case please contact us by email or phone.

If you have not received a return from your ad, please review how you filled out the post file.                                 

We invite you to re-read how to post your ad.

We inform you that pubtech will not publish ads if:                                 

The article or service is not Legal in Ivory Coast.                                 

The phone number and the email address have not been correctly, the language is abusive in the description.                                 

The images are not correct.                                 

Titles, images, and descriptions do not match the article or service.                                 

Site links that are not allowed to be published.                                 

The same description of an article on another article                                 

Several articles in the same ad.

Very simple and fast, just click on register and follow the instructions.                                 

Once registered, a link will be sent to you by email for verification.                                 

Click on the link in your email address and the check is OK.

Click the login tab and then save your email address and password                                 

If you have a facebook account, just click on the facebook tab and follow the instructions.                                 

To disconnect go to your page and click on disconnect.

Go to your page and click on profile. Edit the information you want

Please check that you have registered and also check that the password is correct.                                 

If the problem persists please contact us.

We want to create trust between users and us to avoid all sorts of cybercrime.

We give at least 2 free posts per month to our loyal users.

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